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SIPCO is a leading innovator of wireless mesh network applications and technologies.

SIPCO developed innovative technologies that enabled robust and efficient self-organizing wireless mesh networks. Some of the key wireless communication capabilities enabled by such technologies include, but were not limited to, network robustness, low power consumption, scalability, and remote access, which are considered key factors in enabling today’s infrastructure of the Internet of Things (IoT).

SIPCO’s innovative technologies are also used in many standard and proprietary wireless mesh network protocols and wireless mesh-based applications such as automated metering infrastructure (AMI), building and home automation, industrial process automation, smart grid monitoring and control, smart parking, home appliances and entertainment, sensor monitoring, vending machines, healthcare monitoring and Internet service provisioning. 

SIPCO provides a wide range of Portfolio licensing services to existing and prospective licensees, with expertise in applications that relate to our wireless mesh technology.


SIPCO also acquires patents related to IoT technology and is open to collaborate with patent holders to provide broader coverage of IoT to the licensees.

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