Mr. David Petite founded SIPCO, LLC (formerly "Stat Signal Inc.") in 1993 and invented fundamental technology covering various wireless mesh network protocols.

SIPCO grew from an earlier company, StatSignal, Inc. 

  – In the early 1990s StatSignal Systems Inc. invested millions of dollars for research and development in ultra low power RF Transceiver Micro-Processor embedded wafer fabrication designs for product integration for monitoring and control applications connected to the new Internet. 

  - The company’s early business was focused on creating wireless applications integrated with the Internet for remote monitoring and control applications creating four nines in reliability. 

  – The company developed key technologies that were applied in several vertical markets. For example, the company was one of the first to utilize the Internet as a derived channel for data back-haul and data aggregation points for life safety, fire and burglary signals, and many other applications.

   – The company was an early pioneer for wireless smart cloud technology by the launching of;

* Zapmeter Heating Air Condition Control Systems

* ReserveASpot Parking Platform

* SOS Security Online System

* StatLINC Smart Grid Meter Reading


SIPCO’s innovations and contributions in such applications are considered the building blocks of today’s Internet of Things (IoT).